Bottled Water / Packaged Drinking Water Projects

AGUAPURO having expertise in this industry and associated with brands like Bailley, AQUAFINA, BISLERI, QUA, TATA WATER PLUS as our valued clientele, can play a very vital role in your successful entrepreneurship in this sector with complete guidance and on the field support for your upcoming project.

Good qualitative Drinking water is one of the key element & a very essential and unavoidable requirement in a human life. The day to day decline in ground water table & the quality issues arising with the same along with proportional increase in population and expansion of human settlements have paved a way to generate a methodology to provide 100 % safe and functional drinking water to the rapidly expanding society.

This has lead to the ever growing & never ending business of manufacturing & supplying qualitative water to the society in the form of Packaged drinking water. Mineral water has become a primary need for every individual these days. Opposed to the regular tap water, people are now turning to mineral water consumption which is safer and healthier. The increasing consumption and demand for mineral water call for more and more mineral water plants in the industry. Many entrepreneurs are investing in the business, referring to the never-ending demand for mineral water.

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Bottled Water / Packaged Drinking Water Projects

The market opportunity for Mineral Water Plant Business

Packaged or bottled water has now become the basic necessity of the people which provides a never ending growth opportunity in this sector both in the urban and rural market. Growing demand makes the sector one of the fastest-growing sectors, which reached to INR 162 billion in 2018. Packaged water businesses are certainly proving to be profitable these days with high volume.

Bottled Water / Packaged Drinking Water Projects

Licenses and Registration

Any businesses, either small scale or big scale, require different certification and licenses from government authorities. The permits and certification requirement list may vary based on different state governments, as follows:

  • Registration of firm
  • Local NOC
  • ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • Food Safety and Standard Authority of India
  • Pollution control certificate
  • Water test report from an authorized laboratory
  • Pest control certification

Team Aguapuro shall help & guide you in obtaining all required licensing factors for the project

Aguapuro also helps you in designing the financial feasibility of the project (project reports) for your banking needs

Bottled Water / Packaged Drinking Water Projects

Plant Design

Aguapuro shall guide you in designing your plant that fulfils all BIS hygiene parameter requirements and in the same time keeping the cost involved at the lower end. Aguapuro also helps you in identifying location feasibility requirements in terms of market / procurement & logistics etc.

Bottled Water / Packaged Drinking Water Projects

Raw Material identification

The basic raw materials required is, of course, raw water. Raw water can be easily available from the natural resources of water or municipal corporation supply lines. Below is the list of other required raw materials:

  • Water Treatment Chemicals & Reagents
  • Preforms
  • Bottle caps
  • Labels
  • Cartons / plastic wrap

More importantly Aguapuro helps you in identifying the right chemicals and suppliers for you and also help in designing of the bottles & labels , identifying and availability look up for brand names.

Bottled Water / Packaged Drinking Water Projects

Machinery identification and configuration design

Different types of machines are used in mineral water processing. Aguapuro helps you to select the right machinery as per your capital investment and desired packaging. There is an option for fully automatic and semi-automatic configuration, which can be decided as per volume and budget.

Aguapuro helps you in designing the complete line up using specialised software and by selecting proper equipment’s required in water treatment based on your Raw water condition, this helps you in getting a optimum and high efficiency water treatment line with lower wastages in water thereby developing a greener and environment friendly & sustainable project.

Aguapuro also helps in designing optimum plant capacity lines to deliver high standard product in both semi-automatic and automatic configurations.

Below are list of the major machinery and equipment required for the mineral water plant business:

  • Water Treatment Plant (specially designed suiting the raw water inlet conditions)
  • Automatic Rinser, Filler & Capper for PET Bottles
  • Semi auto / Auto Pet blow Machines
  • Batch & Date Printer
  • Bottle BOPP / Sticker Labelling Machine
  • Shrink Wrap packaging lines / Carton packer
  • Automatic case packaging lines