Water Softening Systems

The correct balance of minerals of incoming water to industrial systems is essential to the proper operation and maintenance of expensive equipment. It is also imperative to provide a consistent finished product. Industrial water softeners remove excess minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, to a specified and monitored level to continue the industrial process.

For complete customization, our industrial water softeners are available in corrosion-resistant tanks made from carbon steel or fiberglass. Top of the line flow technology helps contribute to initial cost savings and long-term maintenance cost reduction. This technology constantly measures water demand and brings your industrial water softener online or offline as flow demand fluctuates. This allows for a custom industrial water softener system that is appropriately sized for your process needs, saving outlays upfront and for maintenance as well. Aguapuro’s industrial water softeners are the most complete in the industry, satisfying the most demanding requirements for hardness and scale reduction.

Some of the features available on our systems include

  • Skid mounting
  • Explosion-proof wiring & control panels
  • Water or pneumatic actuated control valves
  • High quality pumps for zero breakdown
  • Piping available in stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, CPVC & other materials

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